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Twitter launches its own music service

Twitter's new music service lets you discover most popular and up and coming artists along with what your friends are listening to. (Twitter image)

Twitter is getting into the music business, launching its own service Thursday the company promises will change the way people find music.

Twitter #music uses Twitter activity to showcase the most popular or talked about tunes. You can sort by what’s trending, emerging, suggested artists, music being played by people you follow, and artists you follow.

The new music platform currently works on both browsers and iOS devices including iPhones and iPads, with an Android version to come.

Twitter #music is free and links with iTunes to preview tunes, and Spotify and Rdio for access to full versions of songs if you subscribe to either service.

The service is getting plenty of props after getting put through its paces by some music big wigs like Ryan Seacrest, Whiz Khalifa and Blake Shelton.

“Music and Twitter are a natural combo,” wrote Mashable’s Pete Pachal. “Very little searching and browsing is required (indeed, the search function is one of the app’s weakest features) — all you need to do is tap a couple of times to immerse yourself in music that someone, somewhere is listening to.”

According to Pachal, it’s the perfect way to keep up on what’s going on in music, as well as easily following the artists that matter to you.

“Twitter Music is the best music discovery app I’ve seen on mobile. That’s because of three factors: First, it’s easy and inviting to use. Second, it doesn’t inundate you with too much choice. And third, suggestions from friends are self-curating,” he wrote.

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