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The Seattle Dog is the shame of this city

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The A.V. Club recently featured one of Seattle’s most iconic dishes: The Seattle Dog.

While there are many variations, there is, of course, one ingredient that makes a normal hot dog Seattle style — cream cheese.

While people in the region have made it a local favorite, the article points out that it hasn’t found its niche anywhere else in the country the way Chicago or Appalachian-style hot dogs have. While the author draws his own conclusions as to why, I have my own reason.


How anybody thinks the combination of hot dog and cream cheese is delicious is beyond my comprehension.

The Seattle Dog is a dish that I not only avoid eating, I get nauseous even seeing someone else do so. Especially on a hot summer day. Even imagining some Mariners or Sounders fan chowing down one of these abominations on a 90-degree day is making my stomach queasy.

I am usually the first to defend Seattle from any sort of criticism. But if any of my good friends from the East Coast or the Midwest mock our palettes for enjoying these demon dogs, I am forced to agree.

Ugh, and some people add onions. What is wrong with you?

One other qualm I have with the piece is this line: “It’s a fine sandwich, but nothing so earth-shatteringly delicious to inspire hot dog stands in Cleveland or Kansas City to replicate the recipe.”

As all sensible people know, a hot dog is not a sandwich.

Read the A.V. Club article here.

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