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Two new restaurants to check out in Seattle

Try the steamed mussels and fries at Le Zinc Restaurant & Bar. (Facebook - Le Zinc Restaurant & Bar on Capitol Hill)

There are two new restaurants in Seattle, Le Zinc Restaurant & Bar on Capitol Hill and Stoneburner in Ballard.

Providence and Terry had a chance to catch up with their owners this week on KIRO Radio’s Let’s Eat.

Le Zinc, named for a French expression that means ‘I go to the zinc’ or back counter, features classic French fair like frog legs and escargot. But owner Axel Mace says they’re using as many local ingredients as possible and consider themselves a bistro.

“We wanted to bring to Seattle a more casual setting for French food and Capitol Hill seemed to be a good fit for that,” says Mace, who also owns Maximilien in the Market.

Most popular on the menu since the recent opening are the steamed mussels and fries and the half roasted chicken.

Le Zinc is located at 15th and Pine and most plates will cost you between $15 to $22.

Across town, in Ballard, sits Jason Stoneburner’s self titled restaurant, featuring “not so traditional Italian.”

“The actual format of the restaurant is not something familiar around here. We have a whole section of 8 or 9 vegetables we treated pretty minimalist,” says Stoneburner, who comes from Bastille.

He says his inspirations are constantly evolving, but he always knew he wanted to keep his food healthy, so they use a lot of olive oil, lemon juice, and vegetables.

Stoneburner’s favorite item on the menu is the bed sheet ravioli. They roll out very thin the egg yolk pasta, pipe in the filling (caramelized, pureed cauliflower with ricotta cheese), and then lay the pasta sheets over it, so it looks like a bed sheet.

He also likes the menu’s cold cut section.

“We’re sourcing a lot of charcuterie. We have a big Volano meat slicer imported from Italy that will be slicing a lot of our cold cuts on,” says Stoneburner.

You’ll spot the slicer right when you walk in the door, along with hardwood floors recovered from a gymnasium in Issaquah.

Stoneburner is located at the corner of Vernon and Old Ballard Ave. in the new Hotel Ballard.

Plates will cost you $8-$16, with pizzas running $11 to $15.

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