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Witnesses say man fell out of car’s sunroof on I-405

The car believed to be involved in a fatal incident on I-405. (WSP)

Investigators have found the car they believe was involved a deadly accident on southbound I-405 in Kirkland Monday morning.

Witnesses tell the Washington State Patrol they saw someone fell out of the sunroof. Troopers believe the man who was killed was either car surfing or standing in a sunroof when the car hit a guard rail, causing him to fall from the car. The driver has not been located.

A short time after the incident, someone called 911 and said they had information about the accident and wanted to meet investigators. When they showed up the person wasn’t there, but investigators did find the car in the area.

Troopers aren’t sure if the person who called 911 may be the driver or someone else who may have been in the car. They’re working with Kirkland Police to track the caller down and find the driver.

Southbound I-405 in Kirkland was shut down for hours due to the incident.

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