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Pet tips: Renting with pets

Pets are part of your family, but some landlords are on the fence about allowing pets in their rental properties. Be prepared to put your furry friend’s best paw forward with these helpful tips:

• Give yourself enough time to find pet friendly housing. A great resource for exploring pet friendly housing options is:

• Collect pet references from past landlords as well as veterinarians, trainers and pet sitters to show to potential landlords.

• Have your pet’s veterinary records available to prove your furry companion is up-to-date on vaccinations and that you are a responsible pet owner.

• Show any training certificates and obedience awards. Good Canine Citizenship (CGC) certification is a great way to show that your dog is certified as well-trained and well-mannered.

• Provide a written statement that you will always keep your dog on a leash when outside and that you will always clean up after your pet.

• Prepare and provide a pet resume about your dog, including his good behavior, good health, any training courses, quotes from neighbors, the type of flea control you use, spay/neuter status, and other positive details.

• Be willing to pay the pet deposit if required. Don’t forget to get your pet policy in writing.

• Invite the landlord to meet your dog. Make sure the dog is in a calm state during the meeting. It helps to exercise the dog well before the meeting time.

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