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Pet of the week: Harlem

Who's sporting such an adorable tuxedo? Harlem, that's who! (Image courtesy Seattle Humane Society)

Who’s sporting such an adorable tuxedo? Harlem, that’s who!

He’s a 5-year-old cat with adorable white tufts on his ears and extra-long whiskers.

Harlem sure is a cutie, but he’s also incredibly loving. His gentle nature makes him the ideal companion for a cat-savvy family and even a fellow feline.

Harlem is a sensitive kitty who needs a little extra time to adjust to new situations. He’s far from demanding, but he does need his own space to feel safe and comfortable. You can encourage him by offering lots of under-the-chin scratches.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about Harlem today by calling our adoption team at (425) 649-7563

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