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Find support after loss of a pet at the Seattle Humane Society

The loss of a family pet can be difficult. The Seattle Humane Society has support meetings to help you get through your grief. (AP Photo/file)

Did you know the Seattle Humane Society offers weekly pet loss support sessions?

Seattle Humane Society’s weekly sessions offer support and resources to help with the loss of a pet. Pet Loss Support meets every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. The meetings are held on the second floor of the administration building at the Seattle Humane Society.

No fee is required and you are free to attend as often as necessary throughout your grief process.

Pet Loss Support offers a place for you to work through the grief process in a non-judgmental environment with others who have suffered a similar loss. For more information call (425) 649-7566 or email

Pet Loss Support frequently deals with concerns and situations including euthanasia, lost and stolen pets, children dealing with grief, surviving pets, seniors who have lost their pet, and when and if you’re ready for another pet.

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