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Weekly Burbank Knowledge-off Quiz: Oprah Trivia

Oprah trivia is the subject of this week's knowledge-off quiz. (AP Photo/OWN, George Burns)

Oprah is the topic of this week’s weekly Burbank Knowledge-off Quiz.

1. The Chicago building that is home to Harpo studios has been all of the following things in the past, except what?

A. A meat processing plant
B. A morgue
C. A roller skating rink
D. A movie studio

2. In a 2006 poll by the National Education Association, Oprah was Chosen as the 2nd celebrity people would like to have most as their substitute teacher. Who came in first place?

A. Tom Hanks
B. Bono
C. Meryl Streep
D. Jessica Alba

3. Oprah’s name was not supposed to be “Oprah.” It was a typo on her birth certificate, and it stuck. What was her real name supposed to be?

A. Harpo
B. Orpah
C. Orhap
D. Porah

4. When Oprah was a teenager, she hated her butterfly-rimmed glasses, but her mom wouldn’t get her new ones. So what did she do?

A. Created her own new glasses frames

B. Faked a home invasion and said her glasses got broken during a scuffle
C. Sold specially decorated notebooks at school until she could afford new glasses
D. Stopped wearing glasses altogether and learned how to live without them

5. What celebrity has been a guest most on Oprah’s talk show?

A. Billy Crystal
B. Jodie Foster
C. Celine Dionne
D. Rob Zombie

Answers: 1. A, 2. D, 3. B, 4. B, 5. C

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