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Knowledge-off quiz: Celebrity weddings

Can you keep your celebrity weddings straight? Andrew Walsh tests The Ross and Burbank Show's knowledge. (AP Photo/People)

This week KIRO Radio host Andrew Walsh quizzes Dave Ross, Luke Burbank, news anchor Kim Shepard, and Seattle’s Morning News host Tom Tangney on their knowledge of celebrity weddings. See how you do.

1. Washington State Coach Mike Leach – who’s obsessed with pirates – gave actor Matthew McConaughey a memorable wedding gift. What was it?

A. A cannon
B. A sword
C. A gold coin believed to be linked to a famous French pirate
D. Johnny Depp’s signature

2. When Sarah Jessica Parker married Matthew Broderick in 1997, her dress caused a stir. Why?

A. It was black
B. It was dirty
C. It was see-through
D. It was stolen

3. Why did David Beckham change his outfit during his wedding to Victoria?

A. Someone vomited on him
B. He got soaked by a lawn sprinkler
C. He was trying to trick the media
D. He realized at the last minute that he was wearing the same dress that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in 1997.

4. Kate Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage lasted over a year. So that’s pretty good. Where did they tie the knot?

A. An elephant refuge
B. A tiger sanctuary
C. A history museum
D. A suburb of Cleveland

5. Nicole Richie married Joel Madden of the band “Good Charlotte” in 2010. What animal blessed the wedding with its presence?

A. A white rabbit
B. A grey elephant
C. A furry ferret
D. An electric eel

Answers: 1. B, 2. A, 3. A, 4. B, 5. B

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