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Who’s thinking about the 2016 election already? Carl Jeffers

Relieved to see the long, costly 2012 presidential race end? The 2016 campaign is closer than you think. Some political pundits are looking to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (AP Photo)

While many of us are still trying to wrap our heads around Tuesday night’s victories and losses, one man is already looking ahead to 2016.

Political pundit Carl Jeffers told Ross and Burbank the morning after Election Night he believes we will see another Clinton make a run for the White House in four years.

“If Bill Clinton had to dress in drag and pretend to be her, I think he’s going to have ‘Clinton’ on the ballot.”

Jeffers said even though Clinton will be 69-years-old, she’s still going to run. “Ronald Reagan did and he was older than that.”

Clinton may have some competition if Vice President Joe Biden follows through with his ‘promise’ made on Election Day.

“No vice president rules it out unless it’s health,” said Jeffers. “Dick Cheney would have been a candidate also in 2008 if he would have been healthy.”

Dave Ross wanted to know about Mitt Romney’s shot in 2016…if he ran as a Democrat.

“It’s difficult to run again when you lose. We’ve past that day in America,” said Jeffers.

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