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Ross and Burbank weekly knowledge-off quiz: Vice Presidents



This week Producer Andrew tests Ross and Burbank, Tom Tangney, and Ursula Reutin on their knowledge of vice presidents.

1. When Calvin Coolidge was Vice President, what was he known as?

A. The angriest VP
B. The hungriest VP
C. The sleepiest VP
D. The veepiest VP

2. Vice President William R. King — who served under Franklin Pierce – was rumored to be what?

A. Gay
B. Related to a slave
C. Addicted to laudanum
D. A heck of a dancer

3. Daniel D. Tompkins served under James Monroe (1816). He was the only Vice President in history to what?

A. Switch parties
B. Die in office
C. Work for free
D. Do yoga in the West Wing

4. Richard M. Johnson was Martin Van Buren’s V.P. He wasn’t popular for several reasons, including the fact that he dressed like a what?

A. A dandy
B. A farmhand
C. A Frenchman
D. A dog

5. Andrew Johnson’s vice presidency started off on the wrong foot when he did what?

A. Tried to start a war
B. Tried to start a fire in the oval office
C. Tried to fire the secretary of state
D. Took the oath of office drunk as a skunk

Answers: 1. B, 2. A, 3. C, 4. B, 5. D

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