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Michael Medved


Yes, the Democrats do have a hamburger problem

How do hamburgers and washing machines relate to what Progressives have become? There is a tweet making the rounds that says: “Ladies: ask your husband if he’d still love you if you got a sex-change. If he says ‘no’ walk over to your room & start packing your bags.”

So, if you’re husband married you as a woman and you want to have drastic surgery to change your sex, you’re supposed to have the exact same relationship? He’d probably still love you, but he might not want to be with you because he’s not gay.

This is preaching on such a bizarre level.

There’s a piece by a guy named Josh Barro that was in the Business Insider about people about to eat hamburgers and being stopped by Progressives, told about the dangers of meat, how it relates to global warming, basically just ruining your meal. Or knocking you for driving the kind of car you drive; saying that you as a cis, white male are part of the problem.

It’s the preachiness that is so annoying and non-effective; an insane nagginess from the left.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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