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Find your mile-high connections at

Air travel can provide some nice opportunities to mingle, but if you didn’t quite seal the deal on the flight now you can take another shot at those connections at (AP)

Have you ever made a connection with someone on a plane but then forgot or been too chicken to ask for their contact information?

“If this happened to you, could be where to find the person you were flirting with on the plane,” explained Dave Ross in a discussion about the new web service on 97.3 KIRO FM’s Ross and Burbank Show.

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“It’s like the plot of a movie. You meet some awesome person on a plane and you’re fruitlessly searching Google for ‘cute blonde was heading to Phoenix, worked in pharmaceuticals?’ Search – no results,” said host Luke Burbank.

The website asks users to share information about flight date, time, destination and the story of their encounter, in hopes the other party will recognize the meeting.

An example of an entry at the site reads:

Los Angeles, United States (LAX) — London (Heathrow), United Kingdom (LHR) Date: Saturday 17th September 2011Flight: vs24 Saturday 17th September 2011

Met Ed when we shared an exit row on the way to London. We talked for what seemed like 4 hours during our 11-hour flight. It was a fun conversation with some serious bits thrown in. You worked for a major motion picture studio, in the DVD marketing group, and had just spent 6 weeks in LA. You’re from an Australian farm but now call London your home.
I never gave you my card – I should have. We had a lot in common, despite our different backgrounds. You seemed like such a sweet and honest guy and we could probably be really good friends.

Site users can search for stories based on their flight numbers or just browse. Users can then comment or reply directly to the posts.

The website is the brainchild of a man named Will Scully-Power that met his wife on a plane. Luckily, he’d gotten her contact information before landing, but he realized others in plane meetings might not be so lucky.

Burbank said it’s not a bad dating method and that flight security means it’s almost like a partial background check before your first date.

“They had enough money for a plane ticket and they apparently have ID sufficient to get on an airplane. You’ve immediately culled out a number of the bad eggs that you might be dating.”


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