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Medved: Positive results trump political disappointments

President Donald Trump (AP)

In President Trump’s first six months, illegal immigration dropped dramatically, reaching its lowest point in at least 16 years — despite the fact that the administration hasn’t built its border wall, or conducted mass deportations that many feared, or enforced the promised Muslim ban.

At the same time, the stock market boomed to record highs, wages rose sharply (particularly for low-salary workers) and unemployment remains historically low — even with scant legislative progress on health care reform or taxes. Why has the Trump presidency seemed to succeed for ordinary Americans while political insiders lament the absence of Congressional victories?

In part, that’s due to unequivocal messaging: the president’s outspoken opposition to illegal immigration discouraged unauthorized border crossings, while talking up deregulation and tax cuts has encouraged business investment and new hiring. It’s true that good intentions may count for little, but strong, clear messages from the bully pulpit of the presidency can sometimes change the world.

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