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Rantz: Despicable attack on McCain’s character

Sen. John McCain. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Peter Dreier is a despicable human being. In a widely derided Huffington Post piece, the Occidental College, upset that Senator John McCain voted to forward the debate on an Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill, said, “McCain will die with this dishonor.”

Not only is Dreier a second-rate, bumbling college professor, but he’s just a rotten, mean-spirited person. McCain will die with dishonor for allowing a debate on fixing a broken healthcare system? McCain also was the one who ultimately killed the bill, after allowing for debate, which is presumably the end result Dreier wanted. Or did he? It appears, not shockingly, that Dreier didn’t even want a debate. He feared that his side will lose so, like a coward, rather than engage in a debate and win people with a good argument (something a true academic should embrace), he wanted to stifle the conversation from moving forward.

This action and language from Dreier doesn’t surprise me. I was forced into his class as an undergrad at Occidental College. He was a pathetic ideologue then and one of the reasons I became a Conservative.

Like most young people, I identified as Liberal. But I did so not knowing anything about politics. I was “supposed” to be Liberal. Then I went to Occidental College as a Politics major, filled with professors who didn’t challenge what I felt I was supposed to believe. It was never more evident than in Dreier’s class that I wasn’t being taught, I was being indoctrinated into an ideological position. Consequently, I did some of my own research and sought out fair-minded college professors who, even if Liberal, presented fair arguments on all sides of an issue.

Dreier was known on the campus as being an ideologue. He taught nothing; he regurgitated talking points and embraced the students who thought like he did.

And now this commentary from a little man who, in his best moment, won’t serve with the honor McCain has in his worst. When McCain ultimately passes, he will be remembered for his heroics in service to this country. When Dreier passes, he’ll be remembered as “that guy who was a crappy professor; what was that guy’s name? Dry something?”

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