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“Pull Up Your Pants” – behind the new polite street signs

Admit it…when you see people who don’t pick up their dog poop, or a bunch of wanna be gang bangers with their pants below their butts, you just want want to say something. One guy is speaking up.

Artist Jay Shells is the talk of New York after his self-made street signs started popping up around the Big Apple.


“I think this is so fascinating because these signs, they’re bolted….I think I would obey them,” admired TBTL’s Jen Andrews, guest hosting on Ross and Burbank along with KIRO media critic Tom Tangney.

Listen to Meet the artist behind the polite NY street signs, and hear our own ideas


But Seattle is the anti-Big Apple, so Jen and Tom advocate our own set of signs. Among them:

Acknowledge Me-Jen says one of confusing things about living in Seattle is the icy stare of people doing all they can to keep from looking at anyone else. “How hard is it to just say hi,” she says. Jen’s advice…make it only in before noon because it’s easy to say “good morning,” but “good evening” makes you sound like the butler from Family Affair (kids, Google it.)

Don’t Walk Three Abroad– “I’m all for strolling and meandering…and I think that’s wonderful you want to walk slowly with your friends. I can skirt around you, or push you or I can say excuse me, or you could not walk three abroad,” Jen laments.

No Running (it makes Jen nervous) – “I assume you have just committed a crime or someone is committing a crime against you,” Jen says. But Tom won some hard earned exemptions for catching a bus.

What would your street sign say?

-Josh Kerns/97.3 KIRO FM

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