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Live stream of ‘Tweakerville’ set up in Everett

“Tweakerville” is becoming a reality television show of sorts. A live stream of an Everett sidewalk that some say has become notorious for illegal activities was set up across the street.

(Note: The above video is four hours of footage from the stream. Not the live stream.)

It’s called the “Everett Tweakers Live Stream.” It’s the same spot that the owner of Z Sports dubbed “Tweakerville,” after becoming fed up with repeated break-ins, vandals, and drug use.

“Those are all things that are not going to affect our city today. They’ll effect years from now. It’s going to take generations to grow out of the problems,” Gary Watts told KIRO 7.

The live stream was set up Thursday. All four hours of footage on Facebook shows groups of people mulling about on the sidewalk.

Early Friday morning the sidewalk was clear. A few police officers were seen walking in the area. However, well before 11 a.m., people were once again setting up on the sidewalk.

Everett Police Chief Dan Temple released a statement regarding the problem area:

“While I can certainly understand the frustrations of all of our city residents and business owners who have been impacted by the opioid epidemic, I choose to remain focused on finding solutions that will positively impact this crisis that has affected nearly every community across the country. The Police Department and the City will continue to work with our community partners, explore innovative programs and dedicate resources to this area of the city in an effort to reduce the negative impacts felt by the business community.”

The camera’s operators have plans for the future, too. According to the North Everett Tweaker Cam Facebook page: “First version of the live tweaker cam trained on Smith Ave, Everett WA. Higher quality coming soon once we get our internet connection upgraded.”

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