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Michael Medved


Why do Republicans win elections but never really change policy?

President Donald Trump (AP)

So, I see what’s going to be the next battleground. And I have real fears about it because the Republicans have not been doing what the left has been doing for 100 years.

The left have been operating on a strategy in which 49 percent of us fund everything, and the other 51 percent are supported by the government.

Student loans are now almost completely owned by the government. Look at the drive to overtake health care, to put doctors under government control. The Republicans have no strategy or mission statement in regards to taxation, while the left can say they have a movement that is based around fairness.

2.7 percent of tax return filers pay 51.6 percent of all the taxes. Is that fair? Is this even sustainable? What if the 2.7 percent of people die? Then what happens to the tax economy?

What is the right number of people that should support the rest of Americans? What is a fair number?

It’s a complete progressive myth that the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes. The professional Republicans in D.C. must appoint a strategic board, a chief creative officer, a chief narrative officer, a chief ideas officer and they need to sell a strategy. They need to sell a strategy of freedom — freedom versus slavery to a government.

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