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Is crackdown on ‘sanctuary cities’ even based on facts?

The City of Seattle sued the Trump administration over its targeting of sanctuary cities back in March.

You may not remember, because right after the lawsuit was announced a man accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of child abuse.

Now that Chicago is suing the federal government over threats of cutting funding to cities that don’t cooperate with immigration enforcement, people are paying attention.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants access to local jails and information in an effort to crackdown on illegal immigration. So called “sanctuary cities” say doing so could violate human rights and due process.

“Chicago is saying it’s being forced between federal funding and constitutional obligation to detainees,” CBS Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen told Seattle’s Morning News.

Additionally, Sessions is saying that there is a link between crime and illegal immigration. Cohen argues that crime is actually worse with the crackdown on immigration, because now fewer people are willing to come forward to assist law enforcement — fearing they will be deported.

Neither theory has been proven.

KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross says we are now stuck trying to weed out the facts and alternative facts. He wonders if there is any rule that says a federal order has to be based on facts.

“It’s a good question…” Cohen said.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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