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We need to right size our bureaucracies

President Donald Trump (AP)

Do you want federal employees to run the country, or do you want the officials we elect to run things? In Washington D.C., they seem to be letting civil servants decide and skirt the law.

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Now, going rogue and dishonesty are not new in D.C., but it is unusual for news organizations like The Hill to notice it. Some examples The Hill gives are the organized civil disobedience training for staffers, social media accounts that attack the president, slow walking work, and refusing administration orders.

Do Democrats really want this kind of chaos with federal employees?

Matt Mackowiak from The Hill says it’s now not enough to simply resign because you don’t like the direction your agency is headed; now, you have to leave in a highly-public way. Mackowiak is exactly right; these are now launching pads to other jobs.

This is setting a precedent. And the precedent being set is that if people who aren’t elected officials don’t like the president’s agenda, they don’t have to follow it. By doing this, they are rejecting the will of the people.

It seems like these people who aren’t following orders are sending the message to America that they simply don’t care. Presidents should be able to fire staff at these bureaucracies.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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