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Loretta Lynch
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The real collusion between Loretta Lynch and the Clintons

Loretta Lynch was the 83rd U.S. Attorney General, appointed by President Barack Obama. (AP)

If you really want to talk collusion, look no further than Loretta Lynch and the Clintons.

Now we find out that Lynch wrote emails under a fake alias; she even used her grandmother’s name. What was the alias for? It appears it was to plan the meeting on the airplane with Bill Clinton.

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She was also using the alias to communicate with the FBI. Loretta Lynch also used a fake email address!

Does this seem unusual to you? To meet with a candidates husband to discuss an FBI investigation, while using an alias.

This is the collusion. We see even see the efforts to hide the collusion.

The only reason this was discovered was because a local news team happened to be at the airport in Phoenix.

There is a crime here and we need to look deeper into all this.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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