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Michael Medved


How will it end?

Partisan Democrats and their obsessed supporters in the media may relish the ongoing investigation of Russian meddling in the election, but most Americans yearn for these battles to end. When they’re over, both sides may feel frustrated: Liberals won’t get the grounds for impeachment they obviously desire, while administration defenders won’t get the full, sweeping exoneration they crave.

At least two one-time members of Team Trump -— Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort — face likely indictment and prosecution, but the president, to his credit, fired both of them months ago, at least in part due to disturbing reports of their Russian connections. In this context, conservatives should push for a speedy conclusion of the investigation rather than denouncing the process as a “hoax,” “witch-hunt” or “coup.”

Meanwhile, the President must know by now that continuing focus on Kremlingate only helps his media adversaries in their desperate quest for ratings, while delaying implementation of his positive agenda.

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