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Man who allegedly used baby as a shield should be sterilized if found guilty

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

An Olympia man is behind bars after allegedly using his 7-month-old baby as a shield during a fight with police. Police had been called to his home after the 24-year-old allegedly assaulted his wife. The man reportedly fought off officers using the baby to shield him from arrest.

Can we please agree as a society that if that 24-year-old dad is guilty of what he’s been accused, using his 7-month-old baby as a shield as he’s trying to fight off and evade arrest, that he should get whatever punishment the law prescribes, plus he has to be sterilized.

How many people would object to this guy being sterilized? We should start mass sterilization of people in our society. I know that the specter of mass sterilization is frowned upon by some. But you’d just need a responsible person to decide who should and should not be sterilized. I suggest that responsible person should be me.

This should be an initiative. Could we get Tim Eyman on the phone? I think his initiative for 2015 should be: The Monson Sterilization Initiative.

This title will also fool all of my detractors and haters because they might think I was going to be sterilized. They’ll just knee-jerk vote yes and they won’t realize what they’ve done is give me the power to sterilize anyone who I think should not procreate.

I would be an even opportunity sterilizer gender wise. I would sterilize an equal number of terrible men and terrible women. We wouldn’t leave a scar. That would be the equivalent of a scarlet letter. Nobody will know they’ve been sterilized. We just snip the appropriate plumbing to make sure they never procreate again.

It would take a few years for society to start reaping the benefits of my mass sterilization. But maybe people would be a little more judicious in how they take care of their own kids if they think I might be sterilizing them. We will of course be sterilizing 100 percent of bad parents.

Taken from Tuesday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

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