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How’s this for irony? Seattle City Light CEO doling out advice on how to avoid cons

Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco is telling us to look out for con artists. (Screenshot Seattle City Light newsletter)

Taken from The Dori Monson Show.

How is this for delicious irony?

Remember when Seattle City Light head Jorge Carrasco was approached by a couple guys portraying themselves as Native Americans saying they had a bus full of disabled kids asking for a donation?

The Seattle City Light CEO said OK and the men got away with $120,000 worth of copper wire. Carrasco talked about getting conned with our colleague Jason Rantz:

“Would you say you’re embarrassed by what happened?” Rantz asked. “We have reports of one of the con men wearing a hat that said ‘Native’ on it. In retrospect, when you realize oh we were just conned, I look at the ‘Native’ hat and I say OK that seems a little on the nose and obvious.”

“It is embarrassing,” said Carrasco. “I will tell you though that anyone that would have been in my place and would have seen how expert these people were at carrying on would better understand why they were successful in victimizing the utility.”

No. I would not have been victimized by that.

But anyway, the new Seattle City Light newsletter “Light Reading” is out, and there’s a special message from the Seattle City Light CEO:

“The phone call may start like this: ‘You’re behind on your electricity bill and if you don’t pay in the next 45 minutes, we’ll have to cut your power.’ That call is from a con artist, not Seattle City Light,” says the special column from the Seattle City Light CEO.

Carrasco’s column points out red flags to look for to avoid a scam aimed at Seattle City Light customers. He warns con artists can be very tricky.

“Con artists are very creative in their quest to steal your money, so please, be informed and protect yourself,” the column concludes.

But I guess if they’re wearing a ‘Native’ hat, we can just give them the credit card, right? Thanks for the good advice Jorge!

Taken from Monday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.


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