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Why does political correctness mean the transgender person is always right?


Taken from Wednesday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

I saw a story on KIRO TV about a person on Capitol Hill named Dylan Paul. Dylan Paul is 24 years old and transgender. Dylan was a man and now has breasts. But she still looks very much like a man if you watch the piece.

The story reports on what happened when Dylan was working at Pagliacci up on Capitol Hill. She says that a customer mis-gendered her.

According to Dylan, she was working at the salad station there and the customer said, ‘Thanks man.’ And she said, ‘Well I’m not a man, I’m a ma’am.’

“When he heard that he laughed in my face and then made his way out of the store,” Dylan tells KIRO TV.

Dylan was really upset that this customer laughed in her face and left the store. She said that she talked to her manager at Pagliacci, and her coworkers, and they didn’t take her side in the situation. It sounds like she wanted them to not serve this customer again, wanted to ban him because he said ‘Thanks man,’ and laughed when she said, ‘ma’am.’

So Dylan quit her job at Pagliacci Pizza. She’s still very upset about this, so she went to the Transgender Justice League and Elaine Wiley — who also used to be a man, said they want to take up Dylan’s cause, and they recommended to the Pagliacci owner that they have transgender sensitivity training.

Now, you understand the situation that the owner of Pagliacci Pizza is in. He’s got a place on Broadway, on Capitol Hill. I have no idea if he really believes that they need to have transgender sensitivity programming, but they’re going to now.

The LGBT will shut his place down if he doesn’t just cave in to any demand they make because a customer said to a woman who looks like a guy, ‘Thanks man.’ That’s the source of all of this.

The owner of Pagliacci is saying all the things that the transgender community wants to hear right now. “This incident has shown us that we need to spend more time talking to all our employees about Trans issues and doing a better job of kind of educating our employees and our managers,” Matt Galvin told KIRO.

Do you? Do you really have to do a better job of training your employees because they didn’t take Dylan’s side in this?

Maybe your employees thought Dylan was being ridiculous when a customer said, ‘Thanks man,’ and Dylan said, ‘It’s ma’am,’ and the customer laughed. Why do we always assume that the transgender person is in the right in something like this?

Maybe the other Pagliacci employees were right in saying she’s being a drama queen about this. Maybe the customer was being just a normal human being and thinking I don’t know why that guy said, ‘It’s ma’am.’

But the fact that because of political correctness we are all forced to assume that one side is right in a dispute like this, it’s just somebody that is looking to be a victim here. That’s what it sounds like to me.

So Pagliacci is going to close down, lose a day’s worth of business for the sensitivity training. And the owner has got to do it or else they’ll be after him.

Everybody has to be a victim. It’s the American way.

Taken from Wednesday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.


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