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If seas will rise with global warming, why are we building a tunnel on the Seattle waterfront?

KIRO Radio's Dori Monson says if we're to believe new research that suggests waters will rise around the Puget Sound area, we might want to rethink that tunnel on the waterfront idea. (MyNorthwest image)

Taken from The Dori Monson Show.

We’re hearing lots of global warming hysteria. We told you on Tuesday that the governor is looking at a possible $1 a gallon gas tax increase in our state. France warns we have 500 days left to save the climate. We’ve got researchers at the University of Washington who say that Seattle could be flooded because of global warming.

KING 5 reporter Alison Morrow did a report from the Seattle Great Wheel.

“We are on the Great Wheel on Seattle’s waterfront,” said Morrow, “and if this research proves to be correct, all of this is in the highest risk zone for flooding, which could start, if this research is correct, again, in less than 100 years.”

You know what would be brilliant then? Let’s build a tunnel right next to where all the water is going to be coming in. That would be really smart planning by our city.

That’s why I don’t think anybody really believes in global warming. If they really believed that the seas are going to rise, they wouldn’t be building a tunnel right next to the Seattle waterfront.

I have a bunch of people who are always upset with me because of my global warming skepticism. I got one D-mail this morning: “So 97 percent of the scientists are wrong and a talk show host in Seattle is right.”

I’ve never said that I know what is happening. What I’ve said is, I don’t know the extent that man causes it because there have been dynamic fluctuations in the earth’s temperature over the millennium. We’ve had ice ages. We’ve had times when the earth has been much warmer than now before there were any carbon emissions, centuries and centuries ago.

I don’t know if it’s normal fluctuations, and neither do the scientists who used to call it global warming and they didn’t have anything to back it up, so then they went to climate change. They predicted horrible hurricanes. When Katrina and Sandy happened, they said this was just the start of what’s happening because of climate change. Now, we’ve had a couple of years of the lowest hurricane activity in decades. They don’t know.

But what I do know is that a bunch of people in power see this as a multi-trillion dollar way to get more of our money siphoned over to them. I don’t trust the government to do anything about it.

When Barack Obama talks about global warming as the moral imperative issue of our time, if he truly believed that would he take his entourage of 200 people and fly them and his limos to Florida so he could go golfing for a weekend? If someone really believed that this was the biggest moral imperative issue of their lifetime, do you really think they would burn more fuel, they would expend more carbon emissions in one weekend than most of us would expend in a lifetime so he can go golfing in Florida?

Either someone is lying about it being the most important moral issue of their life or they don’t really think it’s that important. That is why I don’t believe the mock sincerity of all these people.

I think the same thing is happening here in our state with our governor and our mayor. The glaciers are calving and the seas will rise, but we’re going to build a tunnel right next to the waterfront? I’m going to believe our city leaders that warn of global warming, say our seas are rising, but then put a tunnel right next to the waterfront.

How can people not see through this?

Taken from Wednesday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

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