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Trump may be really smart, but he never shows it

I have not been one to psychoanalyze President Trump’s speeches. And I’m glad I waited because he has now explained a series of tweets himself. He uses different “tones” as he put it, depending on who’s in the audience.

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When he’s at a rally, he’s Rock Star Trump, with smoke and lasers, playing the hits: USA-USA, Drain The Swamp, Build That Wall, Lock Her Up.

For a military audience, he’s GI Trump – God, Country, and Victory.

But always lurking just below the surface there’s Festivus Trump, ready to air the grievances, and Soccer Hooligan Trump – who will tweet you to a pulp, especially if you do something like not vote to repeal Obamacare. Then – he’ll go after you even if you’re a war hero with brain cancer.

This is not that unusual. Hillary Clinton -– depending on the audience –- would change her approach and even her accent. Same with President Obama. But there is one big difference. Both of them could play the one role Trump so far cannot.

There is no Elite Trump. There is no Trump who actually knows more about policy than you do. He may be really smart, but he never shows it. He’ll send a tweet with misspelled words, fuh cryin’ out loud. #covfefe

Democrats ridicule him for it, but he’s on to something because his supporters love him. How much do they love him? Well, he just threatened to shut the government down unless Congress bills U.S. taxpayers for a wall he promised Mexico would pay for. It’s a shutdown that would punish only one group: middle-class Americans vacationing at national parks. And so far, they haven’t made a peep.

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