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Marcus Trufant hanging out at The Barbershop

Dori sits down with Marcus Trufant, Gaylane Scott and Terry Hollimon of The Barbershop. (Photo: The Barbershop)

What is retired Seahawk Marcus Trufant up to these days? He’s formed a new group with Gaylane Scott and Terry Hollimon called The Barbershop.

The trio joined KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show on Friday to talk about the NFL Draft and weigh-in on Donald Sterling’s latest.

“Here at the Barbershop, we have this saying called blank stare news. This is a serious blank stare. Now, all of a sudden, being a racist is a sexual fantasy. Uh-oh, we’re in trouble,” said Hollimon.

“Why does he still have a phone?” wonders Trufant.

As for the Seahawks in the draft, Trufant said he’s happy with the decision to trade for more picks Thursday night.

“(Pete Carroll and John Schneider) could take the last guy in the draft and he could end up doing something good for the team and being a big player in the NFL.”

Listen to the whole interview:

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