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Mariners’ Robinson Cano heads back to New York, appears on ‘Tonight Show’

Robinson Cano is returning to New York for the first time since signing his $240 million, 10-year contract with Seattle in the offseason.

And “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon knows how betrayed Yankees fans feel that Cano would be tempted to leave their fair New York City for a few extra dollars.

Not to mention, it will be awkward when he walks into Yankee Stadium and has to figure out the route to the visitors’ clubhouse for the first time in his career.

Cano told Fallon on Monday night’s episode of the “Tonight Show,” that he believes he left New York on good terms, and hopefully when he walks onto the field on Tuesday he’ll get a standing ovation.

“But if it’s not (a standing ovation,) I’m still going to have some love for the New York fans for all the years I was here,” said Cano. “They were so patient and they were so kind to me and I really want to thank them for that.”

Cano’s move to Seattle was the first big deal made by Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports. So when the conversation turned to his agent both Fallon and Cano agreed he’s a guy you want backing you up.

“He’s one of the bigger guys in business,” Cano said. “That’s a guy you want on your side.”

“You definitely want him on your side,” Fallon replied. “I want him to sign me – but I’m staying in New York.”

Before game day, Fallon decided to welcome Cano back to NYC with some hearty boos from Yankees fans. Fans on the street thought they were only heckling a cardboard cutout with the Mariner’s face on it. But they get a big surprise when the real-life All-Star second baseman pops out with a smile on his face and offers a handshake.

When that happens, it certainly appears there are no hard feelings.

On Tuesday the Mariners will open a three-game series against the Yankees.

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