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Video: Dori meets Mitchell the professional cuddler

Everybody needs a little human touch, and one enterprising Seattle man is hoping some people will pay for it.

One time actor and ballroom dance instructor Mitchell Diers has started a new business called Snuggle Up Seattle that offers hugs, cuddles and other touch – for a fee.

The single father stopped by the Dori Monson Show to explain his service, and because producer Jake knew it would make Dori really uncomfortable.

Mitchell says he either meets clients in a public place like a coffee shop, or visits them in their homes. He’ll hold their hands, snuggle, spoon or even cuddle up and watch a movie together.

“Touching is a basic human need, and it’s something that I believe in,” he says.

It sounds a little weird, but Mitchell says it’s perfectly normal and healthy. He insists it’s completely non-sexual and has strict rules prohibiting inappropriate touching. He wears fuzzy pajamas for many of his sessions, as he did when he visited the studio.

Mitchell charges $35 for 30 minutes and $60 for an hour. He says he also offers his services at corporate events.

More and more people are living alone, they go sit in a cubicle all day, they go home and have virtual friends, why should it be exclusive to people who are in a relationship to actually have somebody be there for them,” he says.

He got the idea from others who are providing professional cuddling in Portland and New York, and expects the popularity to continue growing.

Dori thinks it’s a great idea – for everybody else. But you have to give him credit for being willing to try out Mitchell’s services in the studio.

Would you pay for a professional cuddler?

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