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Seattle may be too expensive for retirement

(File, Associated Press)

Some places are better suited to spend your golden years. While warmth and proximity to family may be the top reasons to move, stretching your nest egg should also be considered.

Seattleite’s guide to spending $700M Powerball jackpot

According to recent reports, $1 million will only last a 65-year-old retiree living in Washington state 21 years and one month, according to data published on CNBC.

Washington state ranks 37th when it comes to stretching out $1 million. That’s 37th worst in a state with annual expenditures of more than $40,000.

Hawaii ranks the worst, with annual expenditures at more than $80,000.

Mississippi is the No. 1 state to live in to stretch $1 million. It will last a retiree nearly 26.5 years.

KIRO Radio’s John Curley suggests people at retirement age with that amount of money move to Alabama. After a recent online search, he found that lakefront properties come cheap.

Alabama ranks as the ninth best place to stretch $1 million.

Where do you plan to retire?

Listen to the conversation between Tom and Curley here.

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