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Can Brock Huard’s fancy signs solve age-old office problem?

A listener sent 710 ESPN Seattle host Brock Huard some nice signs to hopefully improve coffee-refill behavior. ( Skorheim)

Perhaps one of the most universal causes of discord among officemates is the situation that results when one office member happens upon an empty coffee pot that the last person to take coffee neglected to refill.

710 ESPN Seattle host Brock Huard had quite a blowout last week when he was the one to arrive at the empty pot.

“I went crazy,” Huard admits to KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson. “I brought the coffee thing out and I yelled at everybody in the newsroom.”

So when two laser-etched signs reading: “It takes twenty-five seconds MAX to make and brew a new coffee. DON’T BE SELFISH TO THE TEAM!” appeared on the office coffee pots Thursday, it was a good guess they might have come from Huard.

“I’m very thankful for a man named David Medina down at Laser Trends – he sent me those,” said Huard, admitting he stuck them on the pots.

“If you’re in this office, and you use the last of it, and you know you used the last of it, and you decide not to make it for the rest of the team,” he says, “it’s so selfish of you.”

Brock says it’s so easy to make the coffee – all the materials are provided. He even taught fellow ESPN host Jim Moore how so he won’t contribute to the problem. Brock hopes the signs will be a good reminder for everyone in the future.

“It’s doing a lot of good. Don’t try to minimize what I’m doing here in the office. Behavior has been changed,” says Huard. “It’s stuck to the coffee maker hopefully never to be removed again.”

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