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Woman admits breastfeeding dog for two months

A Dori Monson Show listener tells us about what it was like to breastfeed a puppy. (AP Photo/Pet Network Humane Society, Becky Goodman)

On Monday, we introduced our listeners to the controversy of a Colorado woman who breastfed a dog when it refused to take any other food. One of our listeners called in and said they had experience breastfeeding a dog. We invited “Denise,” who asked to have her real identity protected, onto the show to talk about her experience.

Dori Monson: What were the circumstances Denise?

Denise: I had a friend who had a dog that gave birth to seven puppies. I went over to their house and was like, ‘Please give me one of the puppies.’ She was like ‘No. It’s three days old.’ I said ‘That’s OK. I’ll feed him. I’ll give him milk,’ and took him home and the dog couldn’t stand, it kept falling down. I just put my breast in his mouth and I fed him.

Dori: Why wouldn’t you pump?

Denise: It was 35 years ago. There was no pump. I didn’t know. At that time I was young. I was 21 years old. I was feeding my son. I just instantly put him to my breast. It was so cute. He looked so cute. I breastfed my puppy for like two months, and my baby. Nothing happened. My son is 35 years old now.

Dori: Did your son feel like the dog was a sibling?

Denise: Yeah. The dog did everything that my son did. My son was a terrible little tease and the dog was the same thing. Whatever my son did wrong that dog was the same thing.

Dori: What about the cleanliness? What about the hygiene for your son? Were you worried about that?

Denise: No, that never came to my mind. I never thought about that. Never. I just thought it was cute at the time.

Dori: This mom in Colorado Springs she just did it on an emergency basis to save the dog’s life. You’re telling me you did it for two months.

Denise: Yes. I would just pick him up and breastfeed him. It was so cute. It just looked very cute doing it.

Dori: Doesn’t that strike you as just a tad bid unnatural?

Denise: I never thought about anything. The dog came home three days after birth. I put a little saucer with the milk and he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t drink the milk.

Dori: But wait a second, the dog could’ve taken the milk after a month.

Denise: I know but it came up to be addicted. […] He looked really good. You should see the dog [next] to the puppies, his siblings. He was totally different because of the breast milk. I thought and I think it looks better than the other siblings.

Dori: So it has a shinier coat?

Denise: Yes it did. Nice, shiny, furry dog. It was a good dog and I would do it again if I had to. It looked so cute, the little mouth.

Dori: But if that was 35 years ago I’m guessing that opportunity is probably not going to present itself again for you?

Denise: Maybe not. But if I have to do it again just for the fun, I will do it.

Dori: Wait a second, what fun would that be for the dog?

Denise: I don’t think the dog knew who was feeding him at the time.

Dori: The dog would do it for the food and if there’s no food there. You know what my dog does when the dish is empty, she pushes it around the floor until I hear the empty dish is on the floor, you don’t want the dog doing that to you Denise.

Denise: It was a long time ago and at the time that was the first thing I could think about was breastfeed that dog and after I did that it became like a little ritual. I could feed my son on one side and breastfeed the dog on the other side. We lived by the sea at the time and all three of us would go in the sea and bathe.

Dori: Was there a dad involved?

Denise: Yes. My husband. I was married.

Dori: And your husband was fine with this?

Denise: He was at work. I told him when he came home, you know, I had to feed the dog because it cannot walk.

Dori: What did he say when you said we’re going to make this a regular dining experience?

Denise: Nothing. He did not say anything. He just said, ‘Really?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’

Dori: Are you guys still married?

Denise: No. We divorced, but not because of the dog.

Dori: I’m not sure about that Denise.

Denise: No. We spent 25 years together.

Dori: OK Denise. Well, bon appetit.

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