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Dori Monson and Chicago Bears’ Martellus Bennett ‘make love’ in interview

Dori Monson and Martellus Bennett get close in an interview on Super Bowl Radio Row. (KIRO Radio/photo)

After over 20 years in broadcasting, KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson has done tons of interviews, but things got a little more passionate than is typical in a Super Bowl Radio Row interview with Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, brother of Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett.

At first, Martellus told Monson when he first spotted him across the room, he looked a little dull.

“You look boring from a distance,” Bennett told Monson.

“What gives me that vibe?” Monson asked.

“The character in your face, you just look boring,” said Bennett. “You know, sometimes you see people and you’re like that’s the type of guy you want to have a drink with. I did not have that appeal when I saw you.”

Bennett said to grab his eye, you have to start with a smile. “When you smile, people receive that as someone that they can engage with.”

He said good posture is also important. Bennett said he walks leaning forward and leans in while listening to someone.

“But now you’re leaning forward and I’m leaning forward,” said Monson. “Our faces are too close and I’m really uncomfortable right now.”

“That’s just great communication. I know that it’s just me and you. It’s almost passionate.”

Watching two people on a date, Bennett said you can tell the ones that are in love by how they lean into one another.

“When you’re engaged and you’re caught up in each others’ eyes, that’s love,” said Bennett. “Not only are you making love with your lips, you’re making love with your eyes.”

“You know where else I’m making love with you right now?” Dori said. “Right here, on my heart.”

“I’m smitten with you,” Dori added.

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