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Kid writes touching essay about Seahawks’ Richard Sherman

A young boy tries to explain people shouldn't think badly about Seahawks Richard Sherman with a touching comparison to "Wreck it Ralph." (AP Photos)

A young boy wants everyone to know Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is not a bad guy.

Young Nikolas wrote an essay explaining that Richard Sherman is like the movie character “Wreck it Ralph” because people think they’re both bad guys, but they really aren’t.

“They are both nice to kids and really smart,” writes Nikolas. “Richard Sherman is smart. He went to a good school and studies football. He saved the football game on Sunday. Wreck it Ralph is smart too. He saved Sugar Rush and saved the day.”

Nikolas points out Sherman visits sick kids in the hospital and Wreck it Ralph was kind to another character in the film, Venelope.

“Like they said in Wreck it Ralph,” Nikolas continues. “Just because people think you are a bad guy doesn’t mean that you are a bad guy. I love Richard Sherman and Wreck it Ralph.”

Read Nikolas’ full essay.

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