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Brock Huard issues public apology to Dori Monson for man-hug

Before any discussion of the Seahawks could happen following the game, 710 ESPN Seattle's Brock Huard had to issue an apology to KIRO Radio's Dori Monson. (KIRO Radio/file)

On Monday, KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson was eager to get 710 ESPN’s Brock Huard on the line to talk about his interview, the first following the game, with Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll, but first Brock said he had to issue a public apology to Dori.

“Dori, I can’t go any further without issuing a public apology,” said Brock. “The people need to know that what I did to you in the seconds that followed the incomplete pass was both inappropriate, it was uncalled for, it was out of character, the man-hug turned head squeeze, turned head butt into the wall was just a little much.”

“Hold on,” said Dori, “it was inappropriate and uncalled for, sadly it was not out of character for you.”

“That is not true,” said Brock.

Monson continued to explain what Brock did to him.

“I’m going to point to the places where Brock – you touched me here, and here. He touched me there, around here, under there.”

“I went to hug you and unfortunately it was around your neck and your head,” said Brock. “Then it turned into a little head butting into the wall. Like I said it was just pure emotion. I took big Leif upstairs, 225 pounds, I put him on my shoulders and was hopping around the room.”

“Here’s what I don’t understand Brock,” said Dori. “Your beautiful bride is sitting right next to you. I’m standing behind you, and you attack me.”

“I knew you had to leave,” said Brock. “I knew you had other duties to do […] I knew you had to bust back to the show and I just wanted to share that moment with you.”

Brock said he was worried after he called and texted Dori twice after the incident and didn’t hear a response.

“It wasn’t until 12:15 when I was still up worried about our friendship and our relationship that you said, ‘Can you come on?’ I’ll forgive you if you can come on [the show] tomorrow at 12:05,'” said Brock. “I finally fell asleep after that.”

Although Brock did step up with the apology, Dori still seemed a little shaken up by the whole thing.

“You threw me around like a rag doll,” said Dori. “It was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever encountered in my life.”

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