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Dori Monson shows his 12th Man spirit on tiny Seahawks pony

Dori Monson and pony sharing their 12th Man pride at the Seahawks rally at Westlake. (KIRO Radio/Tim Haeck)

Thousands turned out to the Seahawks rally on Friday at Westlake Center, including KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson.

Dori really got into the spirit taking a ride on tiny Seahawks-colored pony.

While Dori loved it, the pony may not have as much. As Dori was introducing his radio guest, former Seahawk Walter Jones, he wondered aloud on-air, “What’s that smell?”

Then Dori saw his little pony friend had left a little pile right next to the broadcast booth.

“The pony walking around, it decides that right next to my radio show is where he had to relieve himself. What does that say about my radio show Walter?” Dori asked.

“I don’t know. That’s crazy man,” said Jones.

Listen to Dori Monson’s pony moment:

Check out the full gallery from the Seahawks rally.

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