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Could you kill and eat your dog to survive?

If you were stranded in the wilderness facing death, could you kill and eat your beloved dog? That question sparked a spirited debate this week on the Dori Monson Show after a hiker was found close to death following three months stranded in a remote area of Canada.

Marco Lavoie, 44, had planned a lengthy trip into the forbidding Nottaway River wilderness 500 miles north of Montreal with just his loyal German Shepherd.

But disaster struck when a bear attacked, destroying his canoe, and food supply.

The dog chased off the bear, saving Lavoie’s life. But Lavoie badly sprained his ankle and couldn’t hunt or forage for food. Three days later, desperate to survive, he made a difficult decision. Lavoie killed his dog with a rock, cooked, and ate it, according to Canadian news agency QMI.

Rescuers finally got to him by helicopter last week, and Lavoie remains hospitalized in serious condition. He’d lost 90 pounds and suffered severe hypothermia and frostbite. But his dog saved his life.

Friends say the dog was Lavoie’s best friend.

Now, Lavoie is being vilified by many who are appalled he could eat his beloved companion, calling it animal cruelty.

While Dori isn’t criticizing Lavoie, he says he doesn’t think he could eat his own dog.

“It was either that or they both die,” Dori says.
“I can’t imagine that. But I also can’t imagine not ever seeing my wife or my daughters again. Or Jake for that matter.”

Many listeners agree.

“I don’t think he’s a horrible person, but I know that I couldn’t do it,” says Mike in Puyallup. “I would sacrifice my life for my dog. I would rather die than do it. I love my dog that much.”

“I’m not sure I could eat my dog,” says Tyler in Issaquah. “But I could eat a dog. If Dori and I were out hiking, I’m pretty sure I could eat his dog,” he joked.

Others were extremely critical of Lavoie. “They need to euthanize this guy for eating his dog,” says one.

Producer Jake says he wouldn’t hesitate to kill and eat his dog if it came to a matter of survival. But he wonders if Dori would consider maybe just eating part of the dog, perhaps cutting off a leg or something.

“That’s dumb…I’m either eating the whole thing. I’m getting me a loin chop, or I’m eating nothing. No, I couldn’t eat the leg. Plus, what a hassle when you get back to society having a three-legged dog,” Dori jokes.

But seriously, what do you think?

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