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Gov. Inslee stacking deck for basketball battle with Dori

Dori and Gov. Jay Inslee are making plenty of roster moves ahead of Wednesday night's "Clash on the Court."

Is Governor Jay Inslee stacking the deck when it comes to the big basketball challenge against Dori?

It was originally just going to be radio staffers against elected officials in Wednesday night’s charity “Clash on the Court.”

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But somehow, Inslee has managed to recruit some serious talent along the way (or at least formerly serious talent.)

The governor’s roster now includes JBLM head Gen. Robert Brown, who played for legendary Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, and a couple of standout high school players from Inslee’s alma mater Ingraham High School. And he’s even recruited legendary former Seattle Supersonic Slick Watts to coach the team.

Dori, on the other hand, stuck to the true spirit of the original agreement and could only come up with guys like Ron and Don and a bunch of former Seahawks’ players, like Dave Wyman and Paul Moyer, both of whom now flex their jaws as broadcasters far more than their muscles.

But since he got wind of Inslee’s free-spirited interpretation of the agreement, Dori has managed to bring in one ringer: former University of Washington standout Donald Watts, who just happens to be Slick’s son as well as one of the best shooters to come out of the UW.

You can buy tickets to Wednesday night’s Clash on the Court here.

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