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Dori: Undercover cops at Seahawks games are a good idea

Dori Monson says he's all for undercover cops at Seahawks games cracking down on abusive fans. (AP file)

Not everyone wearing 49ers gear at Sunday’s CenturyLink Field showdown between the Seahawks and San Francisco will actually be a fan, as the Seahawks announced this week Seattle police officers will be going undercover to bust unruly fans.

The goal is to crack down on increasingly abusive behavior and guarantee a safe environment for everyone.

KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson applauds the move, especially for the highly anticipated game where emotions could run high.

“I understand being a passionate fan but if you cross the line, you are abusive to somebody just because they are wearing a 49ers jersey, you should be gone.”

Fans calling Dori’s show agree.

Pam in Oak Harbor tells Dori her husband and son were repeatedly yelled at for wearing Vikings jerseys during last year’s CenturyLink Field matchup with Minnesota.

“They were traumatized by the Seahawks fans. They said it was terrible to have the other team’s jersey on at the Seahawks game.”

Prosecutors have charged another Seahawks fan with assault for “sucker-punching” another Vikings fan at the same game. And with a number of people complaining about abusive Seahawks fans, Monson says he’s glad police will be there to take care of the few bad apples.

Listener Brandon in Black Diamond says he’s all for the undercover police, as long as they’re willing to confront rival fans causing problems as well. He says several 49ers fans at last year’s CenturyLink Field game were drunk, confrontational and abusive with him and other Seahawks fans.

“They need to keep the peace on both sides,” he says.

“I’ve never understood the mentality of fans who go to the other team’s stadium,” says Dori. “It’s just like they’re just asking to get their butts whooped because they get very obnoxious.”

Some worry police will be baiting fans into bad behavior to justify making arrests. But police have insisted they simply want to make sure everyone has a good time regardless of which team they’re rooting for.

“I don’t think the cops are going to that, I don’t think they’re going to bait people into acting up,” says Dori.

Seattle police first tried out undercover officers dressed as rival fans during last month’s preseason game against the Oakland Raiders, but made no arrests. They plan to continue it throughout the season.

Kickoff is at 5:30 p.m. and the pre-game on KIRO Radio begins at 2 p.m.

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