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Join in as Dori goes one-on-one against the nuns in battle for NFL supremacy

The Seahawks are a unanimous pick to beat Carolina as Dori goes one-on-one against the nuns. Can you do better? (AP file)

For 18 years, Dori has been going one-on-one against the nuns, matching wits as they try to pick the winners of select NFL games. And with expectations so high for the Seahawks this season, the trio are already locked in a fierce battle to claim the title of premier picker.

Can you top Sister Kath, Sister Cele and Dori? We challenge you to test your skill by making your own picks in the comments below.

This week’s games:

Atlanta @ New Orleans:

Sister Kath: New Orleans

Sister Cele: New Orleans

Dori: New Orleans

Miami @ Cleveland:

Sister Kath: Cleveland

Sister Cele: Cleveland

Dori: Miami

Tampa Bay @ NY Jets

Sister Kath: Tampa

Sister Cele: Tampa

Dori: Tampa

Seahawks @ Carolina

Sister Kath: Seahawks

Sister Cele: Seahawks

Dori: Seahawks

All three are extremely optimistic for the upcoming season. Sister Kath predicts a 12-4 overall record for the Seahawks, Sister Cele thinks they can go 13-3 and make the Super Bowl, and Dori predicts an 11-5 mark for Seattle. What do you think?

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