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Solution to youth violence is bringing back families


Taken from Friday’s edition of the Dori Monson Show

Think about the contrast between present day and the Greatest Generation: When Delbert Belton was 18 years old, he was on the beaches of Okinawa laying down his life for this country in the ultimate act of selflessness. He got shot in the leg, but he was able to survive and live another 70 years until he rolled up to the Eagles Ice-A-Rena. He was going to go shoot some pool.

And then, according to police, two kids – they have one in custody, 16-year-old Demetrius Glenn. They went up to that car that Delbert Belton was in and they beat him with their fists. They beat this 88-year-old man with their fists.

I know so many wonderful, selfless young people who are just great kids on the verge of being great adults. This isn’t about a lost generation, but it’s about a huge chunk of that generation turning into animals. No, animals kill for necessity, animals kill to survive, and they kill for food. A big part of this generation has turned, not into animals, but into monsters.

This blood is on the hands of everyone who has encouraged the breakdown of the family. Don’t try to tell me that there hasn’t been a decades-long effort to destabilize families in America. From what we glorify in pop-culture, whether it’s reality TV or rap music or whatever, we glorify guns, b-words, money, and any depiction of a traditional nuclear family – ‘oh, that’s so old-fashioned! That should be ridiculed!’

How are any traditional families depicted in the media? The rare shows that even depict a traditional nuclear family, how are they all depicted? The dad’s a bumbling, stumbling fool. He’s lovable, but he’s a fool that the mom and the kids make fun of. Because that’s what’s hip, that’s what’s hilarious: to constantly send the message that the family means crap. That’s the message in America today.

And the result of that is that we have animals, where 70 years ago we had people saying, ‘I’m willing to risk my life to save the world on behalf of my country.’ And now today, we have the same age, and they think nothing to pull an 88-year-old man, a little guy nicknamed ‘Shorty,’ out of the car and beat him about the head and neck. And then he dies in a hospital after having survived being a hero.

This has to change. We’re going to have people railing about guns in Oklahoma. As I’ve said, these Spokane kids had fists and a lack of a soul. They had a black lump of coal where most people have their hearts and soul.

Do I know the family structure of these two kids that beat Delbert Belton to death? Nope. We haven’t gotten the background yet, but am I willing to make a guess that this is an example of what I’m talking about here? Yeah, I think that’s a pretty safe bet.

There’s a government plan to break down the family because the more the family breaks down, the less people are able to financially take care of themselves and the more incentive they have to turn to government for their subsistence: put gas in their car, pay their mortgage, EBT cards.

We don’t have to have a family; we don’t need moms and dads to take care of people. We’re going to raise taxes so we can have universal preschool in Seattle schools for all three- and 4-year-olds. Should moms and dads take care of the kids, instill values? No, government will take care of raising the kids.

It’s working fantastically in America today.


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Taken from Friday’s edition of the Dori Monson Show


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