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Video: Copperhead snakes can still bite after they’re decapitated

Yes, snakes can still move after they’ve been decapitated. But did you know they can bite you?

A man was out in the wilderness with his children when they came upon a copperhead snake, one of the most dangerous reptiles in the country. The video’s author, Sam Billiter, acted quickly to kill it, cutting the head off the body.

But the rest of the body was still moving. And when the body touched the severed head, the head reacted like any snake would: it bit.

“This might be the most incredible thing in nature that I’ve ever seen,” said Dori.

Dori was fascinated. But the rest of the show crew’s reactions ranged from horrified, nauseated, and intrigued as the snake’s body writhed, trying to throw the disembodied head that bit it.

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