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Why nobody’s going to miss Alex Rodriguez


Taken from the Monday edition of the Dori Monson Show.

The problem for Alex Rodriguez, when it comes to legacy, is he is so thoroughly disliked. He doesn’t have much equity anywhere with fans.

I’m sure there are some fans in New York who will embrace him whenever he gets back, but teammates have never particularly liked him. Fans have never been particularly warm to him; he and Griffey left around the same time from Seattle. Griffey was warmly received when he came back, and A-Rod was despised at Safeco Field when he came back.

So I don’t think anyone is going to warmly embrace his attempts to preserve his legacy. Because, if it weren’t for this, he would be one of the five greatest hitters in baseball history.

I’ve done a lot of interviews, especially back when I was working in sports. And I think I’ve asked for autographs only twice, and one was Alex Rodriguez because my daughter was a huge Mariner fan.

I was doing my show down at Mariners spring training and Alex Rodriguez came up to the broadcast booth up at the stadium where I was doing my show. Even as a rookie – rookies are generally pretty humble guys – he was an arrogant, unlikeable guy.

He just had an attitude about him. I said, ‘Hey my seven-year-old daughter is a big fan. I don’t ever ask this, but will you sign something?’

He was 19 or 20-years-old and he acted like he was so put out by that, and he scrawled it as quick as he could: ‘Hi Kelsey, best wishes – Alex Rodriguez.’

I framed it, I got some nice matting, I got a picture of him, and my daughter put it up on her bedroom wall. I think it’s actually still there, even though she’s an adult.

But now it’s kind of a funny conversation piece. For a while he was going to break Barry Bonds’ all-time home-run record. Now it’s going to be one of the biggest scandals in baseball history.

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