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How Dori Monson is voting in August primary election


Taken from Monday’s Dori Monson Show.

The election is Tuesday. I’ve gotten a ton of D-mails from listeners asking how I’m going to vote. What I recognize is, an endorsement from me is a certain kiss of death for any candidate because anybody that I vote for always loses. But here are my votes anyway.

For King County Executive: Goodspaceguy

Goodspaceguy wants to just get rid of the minimum wage altogether. He thinks it’s a job killer. He’s one of those guys, he’s on the ballot every single election. He’s actually legally changed his name now to Goodspaceguy and people say ‘It’d be insane to vote for him.’

But is it any more insane than the people who voted for Mike McGinn? Is voting for Goodspaceguy anymore insane than voting for Jim McDermott? No, it’s not.

So I voted for Goodspaceguy because he’ll get rid of the minimum wage and it would prove that even a guy that everybody thinks is crazy is much more sane than a lot of the loons that we’ve elected to various jobs.

Port Commissioner: Andrew Pilloud

I know everybody thinks this is boring, but this guy Andrew Pilloud, he was the only one who said he wanted to reduce our subsidy of the Port of Seattle. It’s insane that we give property tax dollars every year to the Port of Seattle. They should be self-sufficient. He said he would work towards that, so I voted for Andrew Pilloud for Port Commissioner.

Seattle Mayor: Charlie Staadecker

I don’t live in Seattle so I can’t vote for mayor. If I could, I’d vote for Charlie Staadecker. But McGinn’s got to go. McGinn has absolutely got to go.

King County Parks levy: Rejected

Big fat no to a gigantic $176 million increase over the $220 million we were already paying over six years.

They want to acquire more park land when they say they don’t have enough money to take care of the existing park land.

Taken from Monday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

Ballots need to be postmarked by 8:00 p.m. Tuesday. King County Elections has set up several drop boxes and vans to make it easy for voters to return their ballots. Pierce County and Snohomish County have also set up special drop boxes for voters.


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