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Words City Hall should ban instead of ‘brown bag,’ ‘citizen’


After the City of Seattle’s Office for Civil Rights announced “brown bag” lunches and “citizen” are offensive, no-no terms, Dori wanted to see what other words his audience wanted to ban for public use.

“Seattle has become a national laughingstock once again. It’s all over every national website,” said Dori.

But he thinks it’s a stretch to say “brown bag” lunches are offensive because it could be a reminder of an obscure practice where only African Americans with skin as light as a paper bag could come to parties.

News anchor Ursula Reutin thought cliches like “chink in the armor” should be thrown out along with “best practices” and other managerial-speak.

“Anyone who says ‘at the end of the day.’ I think they should do some time if you use that phrase,” said Dori. “And any blog post, if someone ends their blog post with ‘just sayin,’ no matter how insightful.”

So before the City of Seattle goes after “brown bag” and “citizens,” our listeners would like them to take a look at this list:

1. Hump day
2. “I could care less”
3. “We’re all out of ribs.”
4. Mayor McGinn
5. “Thanks for taking my call”
6. “Pull the trigger”
7. “Having said that…”
8. “Moving forward…”
9. “The new normal”
10. “I know, Right?!”
11. At the end of the day
12. Anyways
13. Irregardless
14. Bro
15. “Estimated date of confinement” (referring to a pregnancy due date?)
16. Baby bump
17. Cray
18. “Have a good one”
19. “Chink in the armor”
20. Best practices
21. “At the end of the day”
22. “Just sayin'”

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