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Why Anthony Weiner matters in Seattle


Taken from the Monday edition of the Dori Monson Show

A lot of people were D-Mailing me last week in the Lynnwood Honda Inbox, and they were saying ‘How come you’re spending so much time talking about the mayor’s race in New York City? I think you’re just fixated on this because his name’s Weiner!’

How much time do we spend talking about Bloomberg? A lot because, when he imposes rules and regulations in a soda pop ban, and the smoking ban, and the trans fat ban, those things tend to have a huge ripple effect across the country. And certainly here in Seattle.

And when you get a wing nut as Mayor of New York City, there are a lot of wing nuts here in Seattle that say, ‘Oh, New York’s doing it, we should do it.’

So don’t think that the Mayor of New York City isn’t important to our lives.

In fact, Bob Schieffer made that point in a fantastic way on Face the Nation yesterday morning:

“The rest of us may not like it, but what the Mayor of New York says matters far beyond the New York City limits. Which is why someone with Anthony Weiner’s problems has no business there and should leave the race. Anthony Weiner is not an entertaining kook, he is a new-age flasher who has traded the traditional raincoat that can be opened to show his wares for a digital camera that enables him to expose himself to the world.”

I agreed with most of what Bob Schieffer said, but I think most people in politics value power above all else, including above dignity.

Weiner won’t drop out of the race – his campaign manager quit yesterday, but Weiner is going to stick it out.


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