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Has Dori gone insane?

Next thing you know, Dori will be installing solar equipment on his roof - like actor Ed Begley Jr. (AP Photo)

Note from the devil: Hell has frozen over.

Why? Because Dori Monson, born on the mean streets of Ballard, has fallen in love with a hybrid vehicle.

“I feel like Ed Begley Jr. right now,” Dori says in reference to the actor known for his environmental activism.

Smitten with the new, fully loaded four-door sedan (he’s keeping hush on the details), Dori said he could probably cruise to San Francisco and back on one tank of gas and one battery charge. He said B-A-T-T-E-R-Y out loud.

Dori has driven a pick-up truck, a sports car, and an SUV and has always been the “gas guzzler type,” but now he said he looks forward to being an “eco snob” and saving the planet.

“I feel like this technology has hit a point where it’s winning over the gas guzzling snobs like me. I didn’t know that this day would come this soon.”

Neither did we, Dori. Neither did we.

Editor’s Note: Dori is driving the car for awhile, but has not made a purchase.

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