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Message to parents: Time to burn your kids’ birth certificates

Dori writes…

I got this e-mail Sunday from a local mom:

Hi Dori,

As parents of twin boys who are entering their senior year of high school, my husband and I have been spending our summer hunting for college scholarships. One of our boys is a 4.0 student, with 5 (to date) AP classes and scores in the top 1% on the SAT and ACT. We are sadly surprised that being white has disqualified him for almost ALL public college scholarships. We were happy one day when we found a few private scholarship opportunity until we learned he needed to be gay or transgender (which he isn’t).

In our serious and frustrating hunt, we did come across this great scholarship. Thought you might enjoy. Perhaps our son can lose his birth certificate and apply for
this one.

To save you the trouble of clicking on that link, here’s the scholarship being offered by the University of Washington:

Beyond Dreaming Foundation Scholarship

We are proud to be able to support our students with a scholarship for higher education. This scholarship is for Washington State undocumented high school seniors.

Must be a Washington State High School Senior
Must be an undocumented student. We define an undocumented student as someone who was born outside of the U.S. but lives here without the legal permission of the federal government.

So… your tax dollars are subsidizing in-state tuition for illegals… and also are providing scholarships for illegals.

And, as illegals, those students don’t have Social Security numbers, which means they cannot legally obtain work upon graduation.

So, while this mom of American-citizen twin boys is having trouble finding a scholarship for her sons, we are spending tax money to provide a college education that will train an illegal for a job that they cannot legally get upon graduation.

Yeah… that makes a lot of sense.

I understand her frustration.

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