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Video: 12-year-old Willow Smith’s questionable new music video


Dori was shocked by Willow Smith’s new music video, “Summer Fling.” She’s dancing around with scantily clad men and women – all while using a British accent.

Both Dori and news anchor Ursula Reutin were shocked that Will Smith, who seems like a great dad who has avoided Hollywood drama, would let his 12-year-old daughter perform in this music video.

“It is so disturbing to me,” said Dori. “It’s not like ‘Summer Crush,’ it’s ‘Summer Fling.’ Which certainly, absolutely has sexual connotations to it.”

In the beginning of the video she is pictured talking with a young man who looks much older than she is, and asking for his number. Dori thinks the man looks at least 25. The women in the video are also older, many of them sporting tattoos and jumping on a trampoline in bikinis.

“‘Walk the beach at midnight’, ‘we’ll do it anyway?’ They’re talking about sex,” said Dori. “There is no reasonable defense for this, is there?”

Will Smith’s children seem like they are growing up far too quickly. Dori just hopes Willow doesn’t end up like Justin Bieber.

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